Be thankful and trustworthy

This is addressed to pale flabby asses who were discerning and obedient enough to tribute their future Queen with humble but useful gifts. These are always appreciated when donated with humility and above all, it is a sign of mutual trust and understanding.

THANKFULNESS:I am thankful for every little thing that comes to my life, each positive thought and action towards my person are blessings. I deserve them because I have myself given and will always give to contribute to the infinite cycle of gratitude that makes the world a beautiful place, and ourselves beautifully human.

TRUST: I chose you because I have trust in who you are and your potentials, why on earth would I decay such a precious gift now, shouldn’t you act as such you poor souls? There is a thing you need to know as well, you better trust your guts, not your intelligence, why? Because it will be way less painful for your pathetic family jewels, believe me. I will break your bone until this become a deep anchored belief, dura lex, sed lex.

Let there be light