Submission to EvaDominaMTL’s Circle

Hello boys,

I made a concise FAQ to provide a clear direction to those who want to join my Circle. This is your manual from now on, and you better stick to it-literally. French version will be published later.

What is EvaDomina’s Circle?

EvaDomina’s Circle is an assembly of selected anonymous caucasian males trained and educated to primarily serve, please and obey the Queen, and to grow self awareness as well in the process. These little white men secretly acknowledge their deviant and twisted mind to be redressed by an almighty black Queen as myself through a righteous and strict discipline. Now is the time. LET THERE BE LIGHT.

EvaDomina’s postulate

Little white man’s life is as hollow as his heart, his soul obscured by greed, lust and vanity. Brutal, manipulative and deceitful, he is a predator in disguise that will ravenously prey on whatever he deems his without any hint of compassion nor humility, cf conquistadores, crusaders, buccaneers, colonisers, capitalists…
My mission is to elevate the human out of the beast and guide submissives towards repentance, virtues, enlightenment and true life purpose.

What does membership imply?

To be member of the Circle means to submit yourself to EvaDominaMTL’s authority starting with a pertinent application. Your motivations will be probed through a 3 steps test that will condition your access to the Circle to become Her Majesty’s subjects.
If you succeed, you will be granted of a long term ownership contract and be collared by the Queen during an intimate D/s ceremony. Ownership agreement becomes obsolete upon mutual consent.

Are you eligible?

You might be the Queen’s subject, if you are:

  • Caucasian male over 40 in good physical condition
  • Keenly interested in Black Female supremacy, erotic and mental domination, total power exchange
  • Unowned, well-established and well-learned
  • Available on demand and ready to commit for the long term
  • Comfortable with group session
  • Interested in live cross-cultural experiences

Start at step 1

Introduce and submit yourself to the Queen providing all infos listed, by using the submission form below.

  • A vanilla full length picture
  • Description of physical appearance
  • Where you live and what you do in life
  • Your domination level experience
  • Details of previous D/s relationship – provide the reason why it ended
  • Motivations to submit to me, why me?
  • Preference and limits in BDSM practices
  • Availability or not to meet me in Montreal in the near future
  • Willingness to contribute with your time, energy and finance to my Circle when required

EvaDomina’s purgatory practices

  • Corporal punishment (spank, cane, paddle, crop, flogger, whip)
  • Verbal humiliation and mindfuck
  • Tease and denial
  • Service oriented tasks
  • Restraint and confinement (ropes, cuffs, chains, cage)
  • Chastity control and relief
  • Anal training
  • Fetishwear (lace, leather, latex, vynil), foot and heels fetish
  • Race and gender supremacy roleplay
  • Body parts torture
  • Hot wax

and all spontaneous plays that are creative and sensual

EvaDomina’s TABOOS

  • Extreme, unhygienic and dangerous practices
  • Sissification, slut play
  • Medical play
  • Permanent marking, wounds
  • Needles, knives, fire, intoxication
  • Baby play and diapers

About safety and confidentiality

Safety and consent are the basics of the Circle’s interactions. EvaDominaMTL has the experience and knowledge to lead, perform safe zero fingerprint scenarii. Circle members identities are concealed, submissives are hooded and remain silent during sessions. They do not interact with one another before during after group sessions.
All infos, pictures, videos and activities of EvaDomina’s Circle are considered confidential and private. The Queen nevertheless reserves the right to publish and comment these on her website and blog, thus ensuring total anonymity and consent of participants beforehand.

Attain fulfillment and life purpose at my feet, now is the time.

Fiat lux

An ordinary summer day in Montreal

Getting back to fabulous me, I am perfectly fine, thank you. Summertime in Montreal yay! you would understand the frenziness that is taking over the entire city when  temperature goes up only if you made it through the eastern winter here

Hola cabrones,

How is your life going, are you all happy and satisfied with your endeavours wherever you are, whatever it might be? Is life treating you well as per your expectation? Good for you, I could not care less.

Getting back to fabulous me, I am perfectly fine, thank you. Summertime in Montreal yay! you would understand the frenziness that is taking over the entire city when  temperature goes up only if you made it through the eastern winter here…Crazy lawn and garden care, crazy driving attitude in crazy cars, crazy crowded terraces with bunches of crazy people talking with a crazy quebecois accent…Pardon me, Quebécois do have an accent, are you kidding me?

What about the domme in me, you perverts might ask. Good question. To speak truth, the past two years and a half were entirely devoted to paperworks, finding a decent job, improving english skills and coping with a new environment and culture. I have a confession here. Canadian immigration sells you an easy hassle-free and ready-for-use Canada where you just have to sign here and pay now -unless refugees status naturally – for a happy prosperous ever after canadian dream. Nope, you’ll have to work your ass off and bite the dust before you could hope for the canadian dream one day.

Two loosers contacted me some time ago with the idea of submission. They both pass the required preselection but utterly failed at the last step. They apparently had their own opinion on what submission should be, which was not even close to my lowest requirements. I assume you bastards are convinced to have the upper hand on my prerogatives he? It must have been terrible to be that close of  your deviant fantasy and loosing it within a blink of an eye. What a waste of my precious time. Nevertheless, building a serving circle is still up to date at this time. There is no doubt about the fact that these visions will become a reality soon, without any compromise. Now that the time has come, let there be light!

I’ve found on youtube stilettos heels clicking on a tile floor that I found really fun. I will definitely try this.

Ms Eva


The Beauty and the Real, when Betony meets Dita

Beautiful day off in Montreal, it seems like winter is far behind …shiny days, lilac scented breeze and public show of affection indicate that spring is definitely here, hashtag montreal moments 🙂

Lastly, I stumbled upon this Vogue Italy footage, in which Betony Vernon ask few questions to Dita Von Teese in the most interesting way. The poses, the gestures and tone of voice, the appearances reveal striking difference between the two ladies, as well as an assertive confrotation they demonstratre in a subtle manner, being two strong dominants too close to each other. Very interesting.

Le Renouveau

Grand changement dans l’air, Maitresse Eva fait peau neuve, un petit lifting sur le site et le blog car mon corps parfait lui est encore à l’abri des relâchements cutanés.

J’ai constaté que ce que je fais est copié par-ci par là. C’est peut être flatteur et dénote le signe du bon goût. Ceci étant,  j’ai décidé de changer radicalement de visuel afin de personnaliser mes écrits et ma présence. Bonne lecture.

Eva Madagascar soumis slave dominatrice

Maitresse Eva