EvadominaMTL call of duty

Hello world,


Ca fait un bail depuis mon dernier post, le blog est toujours là moi aussi.

Il se trouve que ces derniers temps, il s’est passé beaucoup de choses « fait que » le journal est laissé à l’abandon. Je suis toujours dans les parages, j’ai reçu des courriels des candidatures etc faute de temps n’a pu malheureusement y répondre , les priorités d’abord, là je suis de retour!

Je suis d’humeur joueuse, et si tu es un bon garçon peut-être que je t’inviterai à me rencontrer en personne à Montréal, tu vas adorer. Hop présente-toi, à bientôt petit cochon groin groin.

It has been a while since my last post, the blog is still up and running me too.

Lots of stuff happen lately so the blog was left aside. I am still around, received some emails and applications, unfortunately lack of time prevents me from replying, priorities first, now I am back to business!

I am in a playful mood, and if you are a good boy I could invite you to meet me in person in Montreal, you are going to love it. Go present yourself, talk to you soon piggy oink oink.





EvaDominaMTL ownership and contract

EvaDomina finally found the number one slave for her Circle, the game has just begun…

Hello cockroaches,

Guess what, I’ve a got a good new for you all, a lucky sub has became numero uno, the leading male of my serving circle. He passed successfully all D/s tests with such conviction and strength, I have great hopes on all the possibilities that open up to the future circle from now on with a submissive of his caliber.

Next step would be his collaring a contract signing ceremony, he will be officially my first canadian submissive, giddyup giddyup. Though the ceremony itself will be intimate, I am inclined to infuse sophistication and thrill, this is so exciting!

I must tell you finding the right one wasn’t a piece of cake. There were tons of applications from pale asses across the country, at the end, he was the only one that was smart and receptive enough to disarm my combative nature. I required a well-established white caucasian male, preferrably literate and well-travelled with more or less experience in the domination submission interaction to assist me, what I got were loosers who want to top me from the bottom, duh. I do understand they responded to my sharp and attractive profile, still it is about Me not you, so FLUSHED. This one fits like a glove and Eva is satisfied.

Did you know I could draw, yup.



Let there be light.