Female supremacy collaring ceremony

Bonsoir les vermines,

Currently undergoing several important changes in my work and personal life, I haven’t been able had to post lately, crazy time. Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile quoting William Cullen Bryant, last friday was a memorable evening for me and my number one sub, loukoum. It was indeed his collaring ceremony and contract signing as well. Bubbles and delicacies, toys and a real desire to please, then follows a perfect Montreal friday evening…

So far, I am quite satisfied with my choice, he has all the qualities and talents to meet and go far beyond my expectations. The few months that elapsed before I officially took ownership of him allowed me to fully appreciate the extent of his loyalty and subservience. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, every piece falls in place and Eva is happy lol… This is the right man at the right place, the Queen is ready to make the next move to black female supremacy in this little white man’s world, amen.

loukoum, j’aimerais ici te féliciter pour ce que tu as accompli, tu as mérité le collier numéro un ainsi que l’appartenance à mon Cercle, porte ton collier avec fierté pour faire honneur à ta Reine!



Reflexion on the dominant status

Hola cabrones,

Shit happens, still there are elements that are in and out of control. I have control on myself, thoughts and actions most of the time – except times when passion/imagination take over logical reasoning (the guy is hawt, smart and sexay lol), it will end up in eight cases out of ten into utter failure.
Failure in domination always imply dominant/top’s unability to fully own the situation, while cockroaches inarguably get away with the excuse of their natural impotence. From my domina perspective and position, juggling with authority vs compassion, accuracy vs flexibility, value vs ethics is a challenge I have to deal with and be accountable for. I recently suffered the loss of a couple of potentially useful submissives by letting too much of passion and emotion out there too soon. This brought self doubt for a moment, questions and of course answers. Equity is a thing, nevertheless the essence of domination entails my prerogatives as priority, ut in oculo, sic sit.

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Seeking a sub in Montreal area

I am currently searching for a male sub in Montreal area who has an extensive knowledge and experience in project management and is able to commit for the long term, yeppers.

Your missions are first to provide expertise to my current project a serving circle based on race and sex play scenarii, then second be useful in many ways, we’ll find out.

My requirements are: caucasian – bilingual – submissive – good physical and mental condition – comfortable with group interraction.

What I offer: training, long term ownership and collar, my attention and my time.

Novice or experienced, you definitely would like me to be your Queen & Ruler so if you think you are up to this exciting challenge, present yourself and your motivations. Fiat Lux. EvaDomina

All the beauty of a nubian queen.

An ordinary summer day in Montreal

Getting back to fabulous me, I am perfectly fine, thank you. Summertime in Montreal yay! you would understand the frenziness that is taking over the entire city when  temperature goes up only if you made it through the eastern winter here

Hola cabrones,

How is your life going, are you all happy and satisfied with your endeavours wherever you are, whatever it might be? Is life treating you well as per your expectation? Good for you, I could not care less.

Getting back to fabulous me, I am perfectly fine, thank you. Summertime in Montreal yay! you would understand the frenziness that is taking over the entire city when  temperature goes up only if you made it through the eastern winter here…Crazy lawn and garden care, crazy driving attitude in crazy cars, crazy crowded terraces with bunches of crazy people talking with a crazy quebecois accent…Pardon me, Quebécois do have an accent, are you kidding me?

What about the domme in me, you perverts might ask. Good question. To speak truth, the past two years and a half were entirely devoted to paperworks, finding a decent job, improving english skills and coping with a new environment and culture. I have a confession here. Canadian immigration sells you an easy hassle-free and ready-for-use Canada where you just have to sign here and pay now -unless refugees status naturally – for a happy prosperous ever after canadian dream. Nope, you’ll have to work your ass off and bite the dust before you could hope for the canadian dream one day.

Two loosers contacted me some time ago with the idea of submission. They both pass the required preselection but utterly failed at the last step. They apparently had their own opinion on what submission should be, which was not even close to my lowest requirements. I assume you bastards are convinced to have the upper hand on my prerogatives he? It must have been terrible to be that close of  your deviant fantasy and loosing it within a blink of an eye. What a waste of my precious time. Nevertheless, building a serving circle is still up to date at this time. There is no doubt about the fact that these visions will become a reality soon, without any compromise. Now that the time has come, let there be light!

I’ve found on youtube stilettos heels clicking on a tile floor that I found really fun. I will definitely try this.

Ms Eva



To start with, I might need to set a mental décor of my background in a way to not mislead readers mind. As a matter of fact, a recurrent stereotype pops in when white people meet a person of my physical appearances: brown sexy easy going doll. Though I am able to entirely comprehend and grasp western way of thinking thanks to education, my true identity is and remain Malagasy, that is from Madagascar.
Madagascar is not just a cartoon or lemurland or another third world country… It is a land where matriarchal authority was deeply anchored in language, social and economical structure before the arrival of greedy arrogant occidental invaders in the 16th century, resulting in a radical power shift. Authority I profess on deliquescent white males will restore order and laws of Nature from the Ancient Wisdom, by will or by force.

I am a Superior Woman, blessed with the sacred aegis of feminity and authority. My majesty stood on surreding males, naked and wriggling in their own vileness and pestilence. Drawing a parallel to Palla Athena, warfare, wisdom and divine intelligence are my attributes. Through experiences, I acquired abilities to command on males in general, and white ones on in particular whose characteristics are violence, manipulation, selfishness and greed. Theirs souls are darkened by ignorance and their bodies are rotten by lust. Strict discipline and formal training will elighten and elevate the human being out of of these beasts.

Let there be light.