De retour sur le blog EvaDominaMTL

Le temps s’envole à une vitesse incroyab’ … quoi de neuf chez les terriens? J’ai décidé de suspendre la création du Cercle, on vit dans monde de priorités lesquelles sont tout d’abord et avant tout, les besoins vitaux selon la théorie de Maslow. L’idée est toujours là c’est le temps et l’énergie qui font défaut, sans parler d’un ex-numero uno bon à se plaindre et à regretter… jugez-en le culot:

Je sais que vous ne vouliez pas recevoir des nouvelles de moi. Pardonnez-moi. J’ai fait une grave erreur. J’erre sans but depuis que je vous ai quitté. Je n’aurais jamais dû.  Je pensais que serais plus heureux en étant complêtement libre, mais ce n’est pas le cas. J’ai besoin d’un guide, d’être soumis aux désirs d’une autre personne. J’ai besoisn de votre enseignement. 

J’ai sais que je vous ai grandement déçu.  J’ai sais que j’ai perdu votre confiance. J’étais votre numéro un. J’ai tout perdu par ma faute. J’ai tout gâché. Je veux regagner votre confiance. Je veux tout faire pour retrouver une petite place auprès de vous. 


Toi, tu peux courir … et longtemps, j’ai parlé.

Sinon, un événement a marqué ma vie dernièrement. Il s’agit de la mort tragique d’une célébrité en Californie le 20 juillet 2017. Je ne l’ai appris que bien plus tard, le choc était d’autant plus amplifié. Ce sentiment incroyable d’avoir perdu un ami intime malgré le fait que je n’ai jamais été une grande fan. Paix à son âme, là où il se repose.



Female supremacy collaring ceremony

Bonsoir les vermines,

Currently undergoing several important changes in my work and personal life, I haven’t been able had to post lately, crazy time. Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile quoting William Cullen Bryant, last friday was a memorable evening for me and my number one sub, loukoum. It was indeed his collaring ceremony and contract signing as well. Bubbles and delicacies, toys and a real desire to please, then follows a perfect Montreal friday evening…

So far, I am quite satisfied with my choice, he has all the qualities and talents to meet and go far beyond my expectations. The few months that elapsed before I officially took ownership of him allowed me to fully appreciate the extent of his loyalty and subservience. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, every piece falls in place and Eva is happy lol… This is the right man at the right place, the Queen is ready to make the next move to black female supremacy in this little white man’s world, amen.

loukoum, j’aimerais ici te féliciter pour ce que tu as accompli, tu as mérité le collier numéro un ainsi que l’appartenance à mon Cercle, porte ton collier avec fierté pour faire honneur à ta Reine!



Reflexion on the dominant status

Hola cabrones,

Shit happens, still there are elements that are in and out of control. I have control on myself, thoughts and actions most of the time – except times when passion/imagination take over logical reasoning (the guy is hawt, smart and sexay lol), it will end up in eight cases out of ten into utter failure.
Failure in domination always imply dominant/top’s unability to fully own the situation, while cockroaches inarguably get away with the excuse of their natural impotence. From my domina perspective and position, juggling with authority vs compassion, accuracy vs flexibility, value vs ethics is a challenge I have to deal with and be accountable for. I recently suffered the loss of a couple of potentially useful submissives by letting too much of passion and emotion out there too soon. This brought self doubt for a moment, questions and of course answers. Equity is a thing, nevertheless the essence of domination entails my prerogatives as priority, ut in oculo, sic sit.

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Submission to EvaDominaMTL’s Circle

Hello boys,

I made a concise FAQ to provide a clear direction to those who want to join my Circle. This is your manual from now on, and you better stick to it-literally. French version will be published later.

What is EvaDomina’s Circle?

EvaDomina’s Circle is an assembly of selected anonymous caucasian males trained and educated to primarily serve, please and obey the Queen, and to grow self awareness as well in the process. These little white men secretly acknowledge their deviant and twisted mind to be redressed by an almighty black Queen as myself through a righteous and strict discipline. Now is the time. LET THERE BE LIGHT.

EvaDomina’s postulate

Little white man’s life is as hollow as his heart, his soul obscured by greed, lust and vanity. Brutal, manipulative and deceitful, he is a predator in disguise that will ravenously prey on whatever he deems his without any hint of compassion nor humility, cf conquistadores, crusaders, buccaneers, colonisers, capitalists…
My mission is to elevate the human out of the beast and guide submissives towards repentance, virtues, enlightenment and true life purpose.

What does membership imply?

To be member of the Circle means to submit yourself to EvaDominaMTL’s authority starting with a pertinent application. Your motivations will be probed through a 3 steps test that will condition your access to the Circle to become Her Majesty’s subjects.
If you succeed, you will be granted of a long term ownership contract and be collared by the Queen during an intimate D/s ceremony. Ownership agreement becomes obsolete upon mutual consent.

Are you eligible?

You might be the Queen’s subject, if you are:

  • Caucasian male over 40 in good physical condition
  • Keenly interested in Black Female supremacy, erotic and mental domination, total power exchange
  • Unowned, well-established and well-learned
  • Available on demand and ready to commit for the long term
  • Comfortable with group session
  • Interested in live cross-cultural experiences

Start at step 1

Introduce and submit yourself to the Queen providing all infos listed, by using the submission form below.

  • A vanilla full length picture
  • Description of physical appearance
  • Where you live and what you do in life
  • Your domination level experience
  • Details of previous D/s relationship – provide the reason why it ended
  • Motivations to submit to me, why me?
  • Preference and limits in BDSM practices
  • Availability or not to meet me in Montreal in the near future
  • Willingness to contribute with your time, energy and finance to my Circle when required

EvaDomina’s purgatory practices

  • Corporal punishment (spank, cane, paddle, crop, flogger, whip)
  • Verbal humiliation and mindfuck
  • Tease and denial
  • Service oriented tasks
  • Restraint and confinement (ropes, cuffs, chains, cage)
  • Chastity control and relief
  • Anal training
  • Fetishwear (lace, leather, latex, vynil), foot and heels fetish
  • Race and gender supremacy roleplay
  • Body parts torture
  • Hot wax

and all spontaneous plays that are creative and sensual

EvaDomina’s TABOOS

  • Extreme, unhygienic and dangerous practices
  • Sissification, slut play
  • Medical play
  • Permanent marking, wounds
  • Needles, knives, fire, intoxication
  • Baby play and diapers

About safety and confidentiality

Safety and consent are the basics of the Circle’s interactions. EvaDominaMTL has the experience and knowledge to lead, perform safe zero fingerprint scenarii. Circle members identities are concealed, submissives are hooded and remain silent during sessions. They do not interact with one another before during after group sessions.
All infos, pictures, videos and activities of EvaDomina’s Circle are considered confidential and private. The Queen nevertheless reserves the right to publish and comment these on her website and blog, thus ensuring total anonymity and consent of participants beforehand.

Attain fulfillment and life purpose at my feet, now is the time.

Fiat lux

EvaDominaMTL ownership and contract

EvaDomina finally found the number one slave for her Circle, the game has just begun…

Hello cockroaches,

Guess what, I’ve a got a good new for you all, a lucky sub has became numero uno, the leading male of my serving circle. He passed successfully all D/s tests with such conviction and strength, I have great hopes on all the possibilities that open up to the future circle from now on with a submissive of his caliber.

Next step would be his collaring a contract signing ceremony, he will be officially my first canadian submissive, giddyup giddyup. Though the ceremony itself will be intimate, I am inclined to infuse sophistication and thrill, this is so exciting!

I must tell you finding the right one wasn’t a piece of cake. There were tons of applications from pale asses across the country, at the end, he was the only one that was smart and receptive enough to disarm my combative nature. I required a well-established white caucasian male, preferrably literate and well-travelled with more or less experience in the domination submission interaction to assist me, what I got were loosers who want to top me from the bottom, duh. I do understand they responded to my sharp and attractive profile, still it is about Me not you, so FLUSHED. This one fits like a glove and Eva is satisfied.

Did you know I could draw, yup.



Let there be light.