Hashtag Royal Wedding


The past months have been hectic and pretty much active helping travellers plan their escape to warmer haven,  I have some time today to scribble down  a few lines on what captures my attention lately.

Where am I with the Circle project, close to nowhere simply because there are priorities, fact. When moving here, my plan was to run fast, multitask and dress/act appropriately on all occasions, guess what that is not enough. There are already zillions that are faster and smarter than you are, been there before you even think about it.

Oh-kay so what now, let us see: be a mixed race actress for the genes and the exotic look, move to Canada to beat competition , marry a Torontonian producer to level up and mingle with the right people, sign in to be a canadian fashion retail model for more exposure and bam… there you go, you are now a Duchess of Sussex and a role model for 11years old all over the world, magic.

Google comes handy when you need to know about anybody, anything. Curiosity leds me to research influentual women of various walks of life, capitalizing efficiently physical appearances. These women who were remarkable for achieving ‘success’ by owning race, feminity, sexuality with more or less intellect and creativity, think Dita Von Teese, Maya Angelou, Misty Copeland, french mademoiselle Zahia Dehar , this latter being a very interesting case study.

Referring to french 19th 20th century courtisanes, well I am more familiar with anything french, it is interesting to observe connecting points: exotic, entertaining, flare, exuding sex appeal. And guess what, it worked and still work. Those ladies were the toasts of the royal courts and aristocratic salons in Europe, enjoying the same level of luxury and privileges as those of more noble ascendecy, minus the loathing. Frederic Boucheron the jeweller knew a lot about this, purchases were all thouroughly kept in his accounting book under the seal of total secrecy.

Getting back to present time, I would say Her Royal highness’s most impressive strength is the poise. Must be Mummy’s yoga and self awareness lessons plus some advanced acting lessons. Mummy did not remove the nose stud at the wedding which  I personally found shocking lol, however adopted a humble demeanour all the way through, a sign of assertiveness. I wonder who was the mastermind behind the religious ceremony, billions of views and thumbs up would require that much of race and cultural references probably . Too racial and less royal as it could have been to my taste, but who am I to judge?

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Cheers to the newlyweds!





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